Saturday, August 21, 2010

bliss... live it.

Feeling blissful is my ultimate goal in life, as I feel it encompasses satisfaction with aspects of The Self, as well as the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment with life, and as a result, we are given the amazing ability to experience unyieldingly pure happiness.

These moments are times I strive for every single day.

I feel incredibly blissful when I am immersed in shoes love.

Now tell me, what makes you feel truly blissful?

**Photo Credit: Google Images**


  1. aww thanks, your comment really made my day and means a lot that you really enjoy my blog ;D

    hahah! i love the "shoes" crossed out !
    hmm what makes me blissful? yea, me too, love. And those moments when i feel completely happy inside and when you get this little jolt of pure joy and ecstesy. its such a good feeling.
    as for what stimulates it? oh anything can but im pretty relaxed when i read.

  2. feel-good books & movies, happy moments with family and friends, eating good food... and blogging? Haha :)

  3. hmmm blissful let's see!!to be totally shallow i would go with shopping..../:)
    otherwise i would go with a hard laugh with my girlfriends or a tight hug by a loved one!!!

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  5. For me, it has to be when I'm sitting inside and the sun comes out and shines all over me and warmth just spreads out through me and it's heavenly :)
    Olivia x

  6. gorgeous header. bliss is a great feeling, i feel it especially when swimming in the sea, in the evening, when noone much is around. loverrly

  7. when I walk among nature, especially in early morning~bliss*

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