Thursday, March 31, 2011

to see through the eyes of another...

Meet Heathy
(aka Heather)
My partner in crime, as well as my style Guru

Asymmetrical Tunic (as dress) - Wet Seal
Fringe Print Skirt - Norma Kamali
Faux Fur Vest - Victoria Secret
Jewelry - Vintage
Sheer Nylons - Assets
Platform Cut-out Pumps - Jessica Simpson's "Cadie"

It's true what they say, perspective changes everything.

When I met my girlfriend Heather, her perspective on style literally changed my views on how to compile pieces entirely; at times she would hold up articles of clothing together that almost seemed frightening to the naked eye, yet once she put them all together I could then see her vision.

I am now very aware that those same miscellaneous pieces can easily come together to form some of the most amazing outfits I have ever seen.

It goes without saying that she has single handedly expanded my knowledge regarding the fashion world & for that I am forever grateful to her.

I cannot lie;
together we form an amazing team, with brilliant and extremely unique ideas of what fashion should, and does, consist of in our lives.

We have just begun to blog our looks together, so if you find my aesthetics pleasing to the eye, just wait until you experience us as one.

I will continue to keep up on this blog too (I promise!)
as my password was forgotten and to my dismay,
I missed many months of fashion talk with all of you.

I must say, it's very nice to be home again.


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